Pricing and Turnaround Times

Service Level Price Turnaround Time (Estimated) Declared Value Limit (per card) Shipping Cost* (per card)
Value Bulk (20 card minimum) $25 per card 65 Days $499 or less $1*
Value $32 per card 65 Days $499 or less $7*
Value Plus $52 per card 20 Days $499 or less $7*
Regular $90 per card 10 Days $1,499 or less $10*
Express $200 per card 5 Days $2,499 or less $15*
Super Express $350 per card 3 Days $4,999 or less $20*

*Shipping cost
is for sending the card back to you once we get it back from PSA. We will use USPS First-class or equivalent service from UPS or FedEx. If you would like to upgrade to other shipping services or add insurance, please let us know.

Card & Autograph Dual Service: Authenticate and grade both the card and the autograph using PSA’s Dual Service. This popular service gives you the option to have both grades displayed on your PSA LightHouse™ label. Please note that additional charges apply if you wish to authenticate the autograph as well.

Important Note: The estimated turnaround times provided are for PSA's processing time once the cards are received by them. Please account for the time it takes to ship your cards to us, as well as our processing time to prepare and ship the cards to PSA. We will ship your cards to PSA within 5 business days of receiving them from you.

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