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Ultra Pro Team Bag - Premium Soft Sleeve - Resealable, 500 Count, 5 Packs of 100

Ultra Pro Team Bag - Premium Soft Sleeve - Resealable, 500 Count, 5 Packs of 100

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Preserve and protect your treasured collectibles with Ultra Pro Team Bag - Soft Sleeves. Each pack includes 100 clear polypropylene bags, and this bundle offers 5 packs for a total of 500 bags, providing ample storage for your team card sets and individual collectibles.

Crafted by Ultra Pro, a trusted leader in collectible card accessories, these bags are specifically designed to guard your cards against scratches, dust, and damage. Made from clear polypropylene, they offer ultra clarity for easy viewing without the need to remove your cards.

Each bag includes a resealable strip, making it effortless to secure your collectibles and access them whenever you wish. Sized perfectly for different cards, these soft sleeves provide a snug fit without adding unwanted bulk.

All our bags are PVC and acid-free, ensuring they won't cause any harm to your cards even when stored for long periods.


  • 100-count Ultra Pro Team Bags in each pack, with 5 packs included in this bundle
  • Resealable strip for easy access and secure storage
  • Clear polypropylene for optimal visibility and protection
  • PVC-free and acid-free for long-term, safe storage
  • Protects against scratches, dust, and damage
  • Holds team card sets perfectly
  • Ultra clarity for easy viewing and trading

Ensure your collectibles maintain their value and condition with the Ultra Pro Team Bag - Soft Sleeves, the top choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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